Our new website Autogen Factory gathering addons to enrich your VFR environment !
Supplements provided on the Autogen Factory website, unless stated otherwise, are published by France VFR or one of its derived brands.

France VFR developed several lines whose products are mainly dedicated to VFR. Our goal through this site Autogen Factory is to encourage simmers practicing VFR flight by providing mostly free addons to complement our commercial products and / or help wait until some of these products are made ​​available!!

A number of Autogen vegetation complements are already available and provide woodland coverage to our PHOTO HD series. These autogen files are distributed for free waiting for the corresponding VFR series products are to be published (see Autogen page).

We are currently working on very wide 3D objects for modeling large areas in addition to vegetation, such as cities or surrounding villages. All these objects being modeled with our professional tools and massive use our new 3D Automation technology.

Other types of objects and sceneries will be available via Autogen Factory website depending on the progress of the development of our commercial products, always in order to provide the best environment and to achieve realism always more striking !