Autogen Vegetation Limousin


Autogen area for Limousin Photo HD is now released. You can download clicking link below.

Each relese will be numbered 0.90 to 0.99 depending on the area covered:
– Version 0.99 includes full coverage of the area
– Version 1.00 will be provided as part of the VFR package. It will be comprehensive, diversified and improved. It will not be available as stand alone

In order to install and run this addon, you have to buy corresponding PhotoHD scenery.
Serial asked for install is the PhotoHD product one.


All free published and upcoming supplements, wether they are available on our forum or one of our sites, unless otherwise specified, are reserved for our direct customers We can not consider purchases from resellers with all the problems of code management and transaction. In contrast, official updates or service packc are available regardless of the origin of the purchase.


This page is dedicated to the distribution of free autogen vegetation. Although they are free of charge, these addons reserved for our customers are copyrighted. They may not be distributed neither in their native form, nor decompiled nor mixed with other data. (C) 2013 DB Alternative.



[monoslideshow id=11 w=800 h=560 preset=xpfrance]
* All screens shown snapped with our PhotoHD products enabled.