Our last Vegetation Autogen add-on Picardie is now available !
Once downloaded please use the installer program provided (this add-on is a free extension for Picardie PHOTO HD that has to be installed before).


We are still working on the full french Autogen Factory Vegetation coverage that will be used for base as our coming VFR Régional products.

Enhance your VFR flight environment with large vegetation areas, autogen buildings and 3D objects and make your world more realistic !
France VFR provides in this Autogen Factory website some free addons free easy to use and install to add more details to existing sceneries or implement new sceneries. All of our addons are developed with our own professional tools, the same that are use to develop the France VFR Regional VFR product line.

All addons distributed in the Autogen Factory website are compatible with each other, and mostly other 3dr party photorealistic addons !
User guides are provided with each and ecery scenery.

Our addons are powered by our brand new 3DA technology.

This technology is based upon procedural 3D which brings mass modeling of 3D objects and vegetation.